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Olena Aliona Enko

Olena Aliona Enko

КатегоріяВедучі, Кавер групи, Фолк, Етно
Країна УкраЇна
Проекти учасниця "Х фактор" Україна

Aliona Olena Enko is an Ukrainian Singer, songwriter, host of events and performer from Charkiv, Ukraine. She has been long time singer of Charkov musical theater, attended national X-factor Ukraine, performed at various events and concerts.

In 2021 she took part at a summer tv Show in Lithuania “Meilė be sienų“ at TV3.
Since the 2-nd day of war she escaped from her home town and came as a refugee to Vilnius Lithuania. Since then she has started her new career in Lithuania.

Since arrival in Lithuania she already wrote new songs and had several performances, most of her activities known:

New Video for an old War song, created by her own:

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